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Dothan High School
Class of 1955 Clock

This unique clock was designed, built and donated for the 60th Class Reunion being held on May 2, 2015 in Dothan, AL

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DHS 60th Reunion ClockThe "DHS Class of 1955 Clock" has a solid poplar frame in  a natural finish without oils or preservatives.  It has a real, hand cut glass cover, not plastic.

The clock features our "continuous-sweep" second hand drive which rotates smoothly without  jumping from second to second.

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Teakwood Butcherblock Clock

"Modern Oak Clock"

Modern Oak Clock 1

"Lollipop Clock"
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The SR-71 Sunburst Clock
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SR-71 Sunburst Oak
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Floating Hands Clock
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Floating Hands
Our original clocks are individually designed and hand crafted. All of the wooden parts are hand cut from various types of natural lumber. If a clock is covered, we use hand cut, sheet glass...not plastic...except where specified.  We use high quality drive motors in all of our clocks.  Most of them incorporate a unique, "continuous sweep" second hand. It allows the clock to run quietly and smoothly without snapping from second to second.  Our operation is not a large and we don't mass produce.  It's just a small shop with mostly basic hand and power tools.         Welcome to our web pages!

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